Price list for all programmes:

  3 days 5 days
students 55 EUR 85 EUR
accompanying teachers 35 EUR 60 EUR

The price includes – accommodation (on a bed with bedding, including sheets), food (5 meals a day incl. drinks), programme (incl. transport, equipment and materials).

In the case of 15 and more student participants one accompanying teacher is free of charge; in the case of 25 and more student participants two accompanying teachers are free of charge. In other cases, any accompanying teacher pays only room & board.

Environmental courses at PROUD

The course is usually a 5-day long stay for students (and their teachers) with a thematic program focused on environmental topics. Our courses can be used as team-building for the students and as an enrichment of school curricula. The aim of the educational course at PROUD is not only to give students information or to acquire knowledge, but also to help them understand the context of a given program, discuss the topic, and teach them to express their own opinions and attitudes.

Participants will eat, use accommodation and participate in the program operated by the PROUD lecturers. The daily program is divided into morning and afternoon (and possibly evening) blocks. Included are short breaks for a snack and one long break after lunch. In a five-day course there is an all-day trip to the countryside or an excursion.

  • Our environmental courses are suitable for children ages 14–17 (secondary school, lyceum)
  • The course lasts 3 or 5 days (2 or 4 nights)
  • The course starts on the first day of arrival (to 10 a.m.) and ends on the last day after lunch (usually 1 p.m.)
  • The minimum number of students participating in the course is 15 and the maximum is 30. Students must be accompanied by teachers (1 or more). Higher or lower numbers of participants must be consulted in advance.
  • Our accommodation capacity is 31 beds in 6 rooms (download the spreadsheet division of the rooms).
  • To order a course please use our on-line system, after a successful order you receive an approval by email and later a legal contract by post.
  • We accept payment in cash or by bank transfer; an invoice will be provided to you.
  • Accompanying teachers are responsible for the safety and discipline of their students (during the whole course and especially in the evening and at night); the lecturers and staff of PROUD are solely responsible for the safe preparation of the program of the course.
  • PROUD provides transport only within the framework of the program (excursion), which is included in the price. Arrival and departure to Horazdovice is not included in the course price and will not be organized by us.
  • We cook food from regional ingredients and we are able to respect diet requirements, if reported in advance (min. 14 days before arrival)

What is the timetable of the environmental course? Download the program table of a model course.

How do we organize the accommodation of our students in the PROUD building? Download the room chart.

Do you have more questions? Check the FAQ or contact us.