PROUD is located in a reconstructed historical mill. It is partially wheelchair accessible (1st floor includes a cloakroom, dining hall, audio-visual classroom, and a bathroom). PROUD offers modern facilities for teaching, the house has an outdoor space with a grassy area and a fireplace. The building has WiFi Internet access, its own cafeteria and accommodation facilities with a capacity of 31 beds in 6 rooms:

Name of room Floor Number of beds Sanitary facilities
Jánský 1st 2 (1 bunk bed) en suite facilities, wheelchair accessible
Křižík 2nd 2 (1 bunk bed) en suite facilities
Presslové 2nd 6 (3× bunk beds) shared
Mendel 2nd 6 (3× bunk beds) shared
Holub 2nd 5 (1 + 2× bunk beds) shared
Diviš 3rd 10 shared

Step into the building

Other rooms

Name of room Floor Capacity Facilities
dining hall 1st 39 persons TV, microwave, fridge, kettle, coffee
audio-visual classroom 1st 39 persons projection equipment (3D projector + glasses, loudspeaker, projection screen), internet connection
research lab 2nd 16 persons projection equipment, 15 computers (incl. internet), microscopes, laboratory equipment
common room 2nd sofas, books, magazines, board games
kitchen (available only Fri-Sun) 2nd cooker, kettle, fridge, microwave, utensils
cafeteria 1nd fully equipped incl. utensils and appliances
outdoor spaces by the river porch with benches, fireplace, large “party” tent (open April-October), lawn (about 20×20 meters)